When he could not run and had to wear leg braces* to help him walk, through hard work and faith in God, he not only learned to run but became a football All-State Defensive MVP at Basile High School in South Louisiana.

When he was told that he wasn’t college material, he earned his BA at McNeese University, where he played his college football. And he earned his Juris Doctorate degree at Southern University Law Center.

After years of hard work in North Louisiana, he became a successful administrator and business owner who served on boards of higher education, health care and banking.

As an Assistant District Attorney for 22 years, his determination and hard work resulted in an outstanding record of success in the courtroom and in community service.

His walk of faith and hard work in overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals prepared John Belton for the opportunity to run and win the position of Third Judicial District Attorney.

And now, he’s been asked to run for Louisiana Attorney General.

* The braces shown in this photo are the actual braces that John wore learning to walk and run.